Coastal Post Online

December 2000

On-line Readers Asked For A Buck

By Don Deane, Publisher

The Coastal Post's online edition is growing by leaps and bounds. We are averaging 13,000 to 20,000 hits a week according to our Urchin Weekly Report, well above the 30,000 readers who get the hard copy edition every month. And it's all free. But we do rely on reader support through subscriptions and one buck contributions to the cause of our free press.

If you've been reading the paper online and like it. Subscribe and get a hard copy edition in your mail. Or just wrap a George Washington and send the buck in the mail to the Coastal Post. One buck!

If you want to help send your subscription request or buck to the Coastal Post, PO Box 31 in Bolinas, 94924.

And a footnote. If you would like to advertise online, send an email to .

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