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December 2000

Shorts By Submission

Free Health Screenings for West Marin Seniors

A free health screening will be offered to West Marin senior adults Wed., Dec. 13, 2000 at Bolinas Fire House on the Mesa. The screening, offered by the public health nurses, is an hour assessment of an individual's present health status with attention to screening for chronic health problems and education on all aspects of healthy aging. Time is allowed to answer questions on health concerns. The testing and counseling is done in a confidential setting and includes blood pressure, hearing test, vision screening, oral/dental exam, blood test for diabetes, referral for cholesterol testing, medication and nutrition review. Referrals are made to needed health and human services.

The goal of the Senior Health Project is to support and enhance the health of Marin County adults aged 55 and older.

Call Judy for an appointment at 499-6351.

Attention Marin County Property Owners

Monday, December 11, 2000 is the final day the 2000-2001 1st installment Real Property Taxes can be paid without penalty. Payments must be postmarked by December 11, 2000 or delivered to the Tax Collector's Office by 5:00 P.M.; otherwise, a 10% penalty will be added.

Non-receipt of a tax bill does not excuse one from paying taxes or from penalties for late payments. Property owners, especially those who have recently purchased real estate, who have not received a tax bill should contact the Tax Collector's Office.

The Tax Collector's Office hours are 9:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday and will be extended from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on Monday, December 11, 2000. For questions regarding payment of taxes, contact the Tax Collector at 499-6133. MICHAEL J. SMITH
Tax Collector, Marin County
Civic Center - Room 202
P.O. Box 4220
San Rafael, California 94913-4220

Recall Attempt Against Judges Fails

The Committee to Retain an Independent Judiciary today was informed by the Marin County Registrar of Voter's office that the petition drive to recall three Marin County Superior Court judges had failed to qualify. Madelyn De Justo, of the registrar's office, reported that petitions submitted earlier today were rejected due to insufficient signatures. Only 567 of the required 35,481 were submitted.

The three judges targeted by the unsuccessful recall effort were Lynn Duryee, Michael Dufficy and Terrence Boren. Recall petitions are still out against a fourth Superior Court Judge, Verna Adams. Petitioners have until March 8, 2001 to qualify that recall petition.

Speaking for the judges, Gary Ragghianti, chair of the Committee to Retain an Independent Judiciary said:

"Judges Duryee, Dufficy and Boren are very pleased to learn the recall effort has failed. They extend their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the many individuals who have supported them, and more importantly to the many Marin County citizens, in and out of the administration of justice system, who have supported them and the essential principle of an independent judiciary."

Ragghianti also said the three judges are confident the effort to recall Judge Verna Adams also will fail. "They extend their support to her, and encourage members of the community to express their support for her against this ill-advised recall effort."

The Committee to Retain an Independent Judiciary, formed to support the judges through public education and media outreach, will continue to exist until it is clear the recall attempt against Judge Adams has failed to qualify by the March 8, 2001 deadline.

Government Help Available to Pay Energy Bills

The Financial Assistance Network in Washington, DC has just published a booklet, "How to Get Government Help to Pay Your Energy Bills." The booklet gives information on how and where to get government help to pay your heating bills.

"The federal government has budgeted over one billion dollars to help people who are struggling to pay their heating bills. Many people do not know that this money is available or how to get it," says Edmund Billings, a researcher at Financial Assistance Network. "We've published a booklet that explains the program and tells consumers where to apply for assistance in their area. The booklet also has a special section for homeowners to get up to $25,000 of government money to help reduce their energy bills, even if they have no equity in their home."

Consumers can receive a copy by sending $5 to cover the cost of printing, postage, and handling to: Financial Assistance Network, Government Help for Energy Bills Booklet Offer, PO Box 60848, Washington, DC 20039-0848. Consumers can also get information by calling 202-595-1027 or by visiting Financial Assistance Network's Internet website:

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