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October 2000

Moo Town News Ain't It Funny How the Town Slips Away

By Judy Borello

I received this notice the other day from the Marin County Community Development Agency signed by the agency director Alex Hinds.

The title read, Notice of Public Hearing - County-Initiated Local Coastal Program Amendment Affecting Certain Parcels in Point Reyes Station.

Notice is hereby given that the Marin County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing to consider and make a recommendation on a County-initiated Local Coastal program amendment between West Marin School and Mesa Road.

This proposed action is not subject to the requirements of the California Environmental Act. The hearing will be held at the regular meeting of the Board of Supes on Tuesday, Sept. 26, in Board of Supervisor's Chambers (Room 330 - Administration Building) Civic Center, San Rafael, at the hour of 2:30 p.m.

I am concerned over this action because not only will it set a precedent for other projects to follow and forever lock the town up from commercially ever having a potential future.

I will reiterate again the importance of keeping the only acreage in the center of town open for commercial growth in the years to come. It is considered the hub of West Marin and as the outskirts of Point Reyes Station, Inverness, Inverness Park, Olema and Marshall keep building new homes and the more homes, the more people, who will serve them? I feel we will regret the decision to put any sub-division in the middle of the business section of town. At the most, it (the EAH project) will house some 30 plus families, of which maybe 12 will be local Point Reyes Station people. I have investigated some of EAH's practices. EAH is the proponent of this crusty project and I have ascertained information that in past projects they have ignored the "local folks" and brought in people not just from outside of the area, but outside of the country. So what do we do? Let the little town of Point Reyes Station go down the tubes, not even for locals, but cut off growth (commercial) forever?

If this project goes through, I predict we will regret it and complain about it for years to come and we have nobody to blame but ourselves for not fighting for our town diligently and actively. Now is the last chance to oppose this project and come together and let the county know what we feel about our quaint little town.

Well, I got the word the other day that the Old Western Saloon has been doing the best job of recycling in Point Reyes Station. The family of friends that work at the Saloon have done a first class job from start to finish.

The cleaning lady Linda Sturdivant started this project by pumping up all the other bartenders - Helen, Michelle, Belle and Carson - to separate and recycle everything. Marty Medin at least twice a week runs the bottles to Petaluma to be recycled. Linda has even got the young adults that hang out there to pitch in and help with the litter. And last but not least, George De Martini, who is the newest member of the team, came to the Old Western Saloon some months ago to be our cleaning and handyman. He retired from the Point Reyes National Seashore after many years of service. His work ethic is that of the old school - work real hard, be on time, and swat those flies! Congratulations to "Team" Old Western Saloon and all their energy that went into this endeavor, especially to Captain Linda and her incredible enthusiasm that gets everybody self-propelled!

I noticed on Highway One right next door to Toby Giacomini's house a sign to elect Bush and I thought back tot he time when Mike Hawley and I moved into Inverness. We hung a sign on our property to elect a Republican and it got torn down a few hours after we put it up. Some of the Liberals out here are not living up to the term liberal and can't stand a person who holds a different opinion than their own.

The conservatives would have to go underground because of the heavy intimidation if they spoke up. It takes a lot of courage to stand up and be counted amongst the opposition who out number you tremendously. I don't know the name of the people, but I certainly admire their strength of character to "fly their colors" amid adversity of the worse kind - closed minds!

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