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October 2000

Letters To The Editor

CP Provides Music

Taking pleasure in the literature values of your publication I wonder if listing writers bios or informative backgrounds might enhance the reader's experience. "Listening" through a language, your editions sometimes provide a music which may deserve more than the mere notification of a writer's name. Tim Horvath has been a pleasure to watch grow up as an example, but several of your writers each have some notable notes to play...

Thanks for your effort.

Ned Hoke


Driver's Lawyer Amused And Appalled

In your Sept. 1, 2000 edition, you published a letter to the editor under the heading "Deadly Driving?" submitted by one N. Medina of Olema. In part, this letter accused a Mr. PROVA 50 of being a maniacal and suicidal and putatively homicidal driver. I have the privilege of being Mr. PROVA 50's attorney, and thus I was both amused and appalled by this letter. Amused because it is flat our laughable to think that my client would ever drive in the manner stated in this letter; and appalled that someone would utter such false, groundless, villainous, unsupported and defamatory nonsense and that such utterance would find its way into print.

An apology is in order.

John S. Spencer

Spencer Law Firm


Republicans To Go Like Whigs

Never again will a Republican be president of the United States. The future of America is freedom... is peace... is equality... not choice-less-ness... not expanded militarism... not the old boy network. And the Republican party will become like the Whigs they replaced. America, we go forward... the dream grows.


Stinson Beach

Marin's Best Kept Fed Secret

Great coverage on dirty water from Russian River. Keep up the good work. Here's something else that needs coverage, as the IJ has glossed over this.

Attached is information on Marin's best kept secret: the Feds full tilt drive to railroad a National Park Service parking garage (originally twin four story buildings) and huge Tourist Center at Manzanita area (the airporter and commuter lot between the Buckeye and the Fireside near Tam Junction). This includes talk of taking over a privately held parcel against the owner's will (Krystal property). This is just the beginning of their big plans.

Informed Tam Valley, Mt. Tam, and Muir Beach residents are attempting to watchdog this but it appears out of local control, even at the county level. And it is moving very fast. The City of Mill Valley is blissfully ignoring this - there is no mention of this in their Open House invite.

John King

Mill Valley

Most Important Items on Ballot

The most important items on the Nov. ballot are Propositions 38 (good) and 39 (bad).

Prop. 38, for school vouchers, will improve the education of California youth and force our failed public school system to improve in order to compete for students. Vote Yes on 38.

Prop. 39 is another "weasel's-nose-under-the-tent" attempt to destroy our 120-year-old protection of the 2/3-vote required to enact bond issues. It would lower the present 67 percent to only 55 percent for school construction bonds. If it wins, next year they'll try the same for transportation or some other subject, and one by one destroy all of Prop. 13's protections. Vote No on 39.

MUTA proved that Marin Supervisors had flatly lied to the state legislature when they claimed Prop. 13 had crippled local government ability to pass tax and bond measures. Their own records showed that only four of the 37 such measures in the prior two years had failed to get at least 2/3 of the vote. Politicians can never be trusted where our money is concerned.

Fielding Greaves

San Rafael

Judicial Error

Upon declaring a moratorium on executions in Illinois earlier this year, Governor George Ryan said: "I cannot support a system which, in its administration, has proven so fraught with error." Judicial error. He knew this sort of "error" brought about injustice and he had the conscience and the courage to act.

Marin/SF attorney Kenneth Schmier has been exposing and challenging questionable judicial policies here in California. An editorial page article written by him was published in a December 1999 issue of the Marin IJ. The following is quoted from it: "Moreover, Tom Blake, Deputy Attorney General told me, 'I understand your point, but there is so much error coming out of our appellate courts that we would need 50 Supreme Court justices to correct all of it.' We have a very significant problem."

Has anyone heard one peep out of our Graydolf about the scope of this judicial error mentioned above? You would if it was rich, influential people being harmed by it. Who hasn't heard of the scandals disgracing police, prosecutors, and the courts ever more frequently here in California? The publicized ones (scandals) are just the tip of the iceberg and yet our governor does not seem to have any qualms about supporting a system "so fraught with error." California's Chief Justice, Ronald George, also doesn't seem to mind having all this "error coming out of our appellate courts." I wonder how he and his family can be proud of the fact that since "50 Supreme Court Justices" are not available to correct the error, only those who can pay off the right personnel will get it corrected?

When the US Constitution was framed, its creators stood back and saw they had done something good. They knew that if this goodness was maintained and kept healthy by the people and government, there would be something to be proud of. It was a very large part of America's potential to truly be the greatest nation on earth. Justice for all. But like the pigs in George Orwell's book "Animal Farm," lying, cheating, disgustingly dishonest scumbags (police, prosecutors, judges) have disregarded the rules, our Constitution. And folks? This is exactly where all that "error" comes from. And what of the goodness bled out of the Constitution's purpose by the involved government parasites? "There is no odor so bad as that which arises from goodness tainted." -Henry David Thoreau.

The stench would gag a maggot but it doesn't faze our Honorable California Judiciary, or Graydolf.

In contempt of court,

James S. Kor


Muir Woods Parking Intercept Plan

The National Park Service is preparing to build a Parking Intercept Facility, with a visitor center in Tamalpais Valley. The idea will be to make parking at Muir Woods by reservation only. People without reservations will only be able to access the park by shuttles from the proposed 7500-sq. ft. visitor center. The aim of this project is to tame the parking crisis that now occurs around the park. The NPS reports approximately 5000 cars per day visit Muir Woods. In concept, this all sounds great, however, the proposed site of this facility is at the Manzanita parking area. Seven Plans have been submitted to the newly formed Gateway Coalition that is run by Sheila Whittle at the Tamalpais Community Service District. This committee reports directly to Supervisor Annette Rose, who has been responsible for getting funds together to improve the Tam Junction area.

The Tamalpais Valley Improvement Club is one of several groups that are concerned that any additional parking at Manzanita will create more gridlock in that area. Currently Manzanita handles 300 cars; the proposals being submitted triple that number to 900 cars. Manzanita currently is maxed out. A recent study done reports that 75 percent of the cars that use this facility are from out of the area. Any additional spaces will require building, or commandeering an additional 600 parking spots. These plans go from two multi-story structures to surface parking sprawling down to the heliport. Currently all proposals require using Manzanita and properties on the CalTrans side of the street.

The TVIC, as well as other groups, have suggested other alternative sites. Suggestions range from use the Presidio, Larkspur Ferry Terminal, or the Marin City Shopping Center. This last option seems the most interesting since the new shopping center already has the parking space needed, good freeway access, and has empty space available to lease for the visitor center. Other benefits include being a Golden Gate transit Hub, and the visitor center would help increase local business.

For additional information or input regard this project and the Gateway Committee meeting schedule, please call 388-6393.

Paul Le Baron

Mill Valley

Indian Valley College Affordable Housing

The forces of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) are out in force once again. This is class warfare of the "haves against the have nots."

These warriors are insisting that any affordable housing for students or workers (medical, teacher, fire and law enforcement personnel) be situated away from their esteemed domiciles and placed at Hamilton or the Community Hospital site.

There is no property at Hamilton that is available to be leased to students/teachers of IVC as they suggest. This anti-housing element cares not that it is not financially feasible to shuttle students from the Base to IVC, not to mention the resistance to being shuttled about.

Novato has not lived up to the State mandated affordable housing requirements. They have not built the housing required, nor does it appear they intend to do so since they go along with those against affordable housing. (Perhaps a law suit, such as in Corte Madera, is warranted.)

Those against affordable housing on the West side of Hwy. 101 off Ignacio Blvd. have been listened to and have gotten their way thus far. It appears this was accomplished because of a conflict of interest on the part of several council members who live in the area.

In an article by Lori Burger in the IJ, one council member is quoted as saying in regards to an office complex being approved for construction that if the nearby homeowners objected to the project, that "maybe they should move." The same applies to those (council members included) who object to affordable housing near the College.

Approval of housing costing hundreds of thousands of dollars has been approved, why not affordable housing for workers in our community?

There is an urgent need to train nurses and others that serve the disabled and elderly in our county. The disabled and elderly could live in the housing and be assisted by students that are in training to care for their needs. At the same time, the residents would be able to obtain an education and become self sufficient taxpayers.

But again, the "My being of financial means make my wants more important than others of less means" forces are out there with their selfish narrow concerns. One of those NIMBY's was quoted in the Pacific Sun stating that his own daughter could not afford to live near him, and he seemed to take this very lightly!

There is a great shortage of workers in the lower paying jobs with signs up all over the area in places of business for "Help Wanted." Yes, help is wanted in building affordable housing for all!

The tired old refrain of traffic and congestion is no longer relevant, just a smoke screen.

It seems with so many being able to afford today's more than high prices of homes, that as parents they would be able to send their children to four year colleges and not to College of Marin. Will Marin someday lose this fine school?

Jerry R. Bakken


DREES (Disability Rights Education Enforcement Services)

Housing Coordinator

Lynn Has It Wrong Again

Lynn Woolsey's call for the House of Representatives to strip the congressional charter from the Boy Scouts of America is wrong and the Congress by a wide margin agrees. Lynn Woolsey has again shown that she is out of touch with the Congress, the nation, and the district with this vindictive effort.

The Supreme Court has chosen to uphold the Boy Scouts constitutional rights to expressive association or the right to join together under common beliefs. In other words, the Boy Scouts do not endorse gay lifestyles and chose not to allow gays into scouting leadership at this time.

The real issue here is not the Scouts against the Gays, it is the right of Expressive or Free association, what the Boy Scouts wish to stand for and their right to exclude those who disagree with their philosophies. I have friends who are gay, I don't need to ask them if they are disappointed by this decision. I know they are, not because they were looking forward to joining the Scouts but because it is seen as another barrier to the mainstream. But this suit went directly to the core of what the Boy Scouts stand for.

The Scouts have always endeavored to teach boys honesty, understanding, respect, and a host of other higher values. Sex was never part of the teachings, the gentleman who brought this suit chose to make sex and his sexual preference an issue. That was wrong, just as it would be wrong for a straight scoutmaster to tell boys teenage sex is OK. I would expect that scoutmaster to be dismissed as well. Had this gentleman kept his sexual life private, as it should be, this decision may never have been made.

The Boy Scouts of America is an organization I respect, not because of what has transpired over the last few months, but because of their tireless effort to teach boys the higher ideals of life. The people I know who are involved in the Boy Scouts are not anti-gay, but they clearly do not know how to resolve this emotional issue and at the same time clearly understand that in the future they must.

What is clear to me is that your sex life is an extremely private matter and it is our responsibility to keep it that way. If how you have sex (straight or gay) is the first thing you want people to know about you, Scouting is not where you should be. I believe what is needed now is time and dialog to build the trust, respect, and understanding necessary to bring this to a conclusion.

I don't know how this story will eventually end. It seems obvious though that the Supreme Court decision is not the end. It could be the beginning of peace talks, or Lynn Woolsey's effort to strip the Boy Scouts of their Congressional charter could be the first senseless shot that starts a long war.

Ken McAuliffe

Criminalizing Motherhood

At the recent criminal sentencing of Carol Mardeusz over the charges of attempted child abduction of her daughter Haleigh, Marin Deputy District Attorney Kelly J. Vieira asked for Carol's immediate imprisonment. Vieira expressed concern over a booklet of missing children she receives every other month. Most of these children were abducted by the non-custodial parent. Vieira feared that if Carol were not immediately imprisoned, Haleigh would soon wind up in this booklet.

The Bay Area has already experienced several child abductions within the past few months. There is a campaign to recall a handful of Marin County Superior Court Judges along with the District Attorney. Also, a death threat was issued against a judge. All these incidents revolve around family law cases involving child custody. We must begin to ask ourselves, "What is going on?"

One of my favorite books is The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. In Chapter 10, the Little Prince encounters a king who had no tolerance for disobedience to his orders. The trick to having his orders obeyed, the king explained, is by making his orders reasonable. "If I ordered a general to fly from one flower to another like a butterfly, or to write a tragic drama, or to change himself into a sea bird, and if the general did not carry out the order that he had received, which one of us would be in the wrong?" the king demanded. "The general, or myself?"

I ask a similar question. If a court orders a mother to cease contact with her child, and the mother does not obey, which one would be in the wrong? The mother, or the court?

In the midst of Carol Mardeusz's criminal trial, the recall campaign, the death threats, the child "abductions," and other assorted assailments, the Marin County Superior Court Judges and the District Attorney's office can't quite seem to understand why these woman can't obey a simple court order to stay away from their child.

In a very old case, the courts of Virginia expressed that "[a]ll acts of the legislature apparently contrary to natural rights and justice are, in our law and must be in the nature of things, considered as void." (Robin v. Hardaway (Virginia 1772) 1 Jefferson 109.) A friend of mine put it another way: "What do you think would happen if you try to take a cub away from its mother?" Humans are no different. A higher law dictates a mother's actions when the health, safety and well-being of her child is as stake. The three branches of government, however, are interfering with the forces of nature. And they are feeling the sting. Their experiments with social engineering are failing.

We can pack the jails with mothers, but Carol and these other women will do and continue to do everything in their power to get their children back. That's what mother's do. If our legislature and courts and child protective agencies really want to override the laws of nature, there is one thing, and only one thing, that I know of which will separate a mother from her child. Let's stop criminalizing mothers for being mothers.

Joseph Neufeld

San Rafael

<[email protected]>

Gore's Message

Al Gore's ratings in the polls soared once he settled on driving home a single message to put forward to the people. That message is: "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you." A stroke of genius.

Rich Martin

Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Bad Laws

What do you mean "unmasking" those who are willing to bend the law for their own selfish ends? Who are you to judge what anyone's motive is in the case of Elian Gonzales. You must have been born after 1960 and are part of the X Generation to not understand how most of the Boomers feel about Castro. Who made the laws anyway, are they engraved in stone?? Some laws are good, some are not so good and some should be removed or replaced. That is a process that a case like Elian Gonzales brings out. This was not a simple custody case. This case was about a woman who died to bring her son to America for a better life. Her sacrifice will not go in vain and someday we will see Cubans earn the freedom they deserve to immigrate here without a dictator or "bad" laws preventing them.

Where is your heart? Certainly not with the cause of freedom. Nor do you understand the nature of communist dictatorships. Someday Elian will return. That is a promise.

Barbara Gordon

<[email protected]>


Tangible Threat Of Violence

The reality of the harassment and death-threats aimed at those who dared to express distaste for Knight, aimed at those who stood up for the victims of his abuse, is the core of what is dangerous about the Knight situation. All citizens are threatened when one person is silenced (or worse) in this manner. This story is important because death threats were made not to just a few individuals but, by extension, to any reasonable observer who might object to the ongoing violence and abuse at IU, and to anyone who may not a be member of the "cult of Knight."

This tangible threat of violence (a familiar smog that permeates women's lives) is not just "old school sports," and it cannot be tolerated in any arena, especially in education. Tantrums are the dictator's and child's way of obtaining and controlling what he wants, when he wants it. This episode so clearly illustrates how the "culture of patriarchy" can be as damaging to men as it is to women, when the ultimate damage is violence and death, or the threat of it.

What should frighten all citizens is the explicit threat to voicing your own opinion. Watching an angry mob of students on TV, and Knight's failure to call on his hordes to cease the death threats, I learned my lesson again that, even on a college campus in my own country one is not safe in speaking freely, and one must fear life and limb. Is it not possible to protect our children from men like Knight, and the institutions that provide their thrones and jeweled crowns? These supposed leaders bear the responsibility for creating the violent mob of students who, burning an effigy, have absolutely zero understanding of exactly what it is that's (allegedly) being zero-tolerated.

Reasonable people have objected for years to the abusive behavior of Knight, yet the players, parents, co-workers, and critics continued to be victimized as Indiana University stood firmly behind their General. This stance so obviously condoned the violence and verbal abuse, dismissing the pain (and loyalty) of the objectors, that no rules or policies could ever discourage Knight's behavior. IU has a responsibility to protect their students and faculty from verbal abuse and violence, before it protects dreams of sports-ego glory. Are they following the corporate model of "profit as the bottom line to shareholders" rather than putting students well-being and education first?

Women have suffered under this culture of patriarchal ideology and objected to it using every tool at our disposal. And we have been ignored, dismissed, threatened, beaten, raped, killed, and excommunicated along the way. The Knight saga shows us that men, young and old, can be victims of this archaic method of leadership and "team-building." Obviously, slavery in America is one example of how "classic patriarchy" can be destructive to men. More currently, the emphasis on corporate profit over ethical and humane considerations is another example.

Who are the real leaders of today? Leaders are those men and women who pick up the broken pieces; who work to heal the collateral damage done by the cult of patriarchy; and do so with civility and respect; doing it one more time again. And (to use a phrase I attribute to Lani Guinier, Harvard Law Professor) my opinion is that leaders are those women and men who are brave enough to "Speak Truth to Power."

Harriet Hopkins

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Elian Will Return

What do you mean "unmasking" those who are willing to bend the law for their own selfish ends? Who are you to judge what anyone's motive is in the case of Elian Gonzales. You must have been born after 1960 and are part of the X Generation to not understand how most of the Boomers feel about Castro. Who made the laws anyway, are they engraved in stone?? Some laws are good, some are not so good and some should be removed or replaced. That is a process that a case like Elian Gonzales brings out. This was not a simple custody case. This case was about a woman who died to bring her son to America for a better life. Her sacrifice will not go in vain and someday we will see Cubans earn the freedom they deserve to immigrate here without a dictator or "bad" laws preventing them.

Where is your heart? Certainly not with the cause of freedom. Nor do you understand the nature of communist dictatorships. Someday Elian will return. That is a promise.

Barbara Gordon

<[email protected]>

Non-Protestant Candidates

There is currently a lot of talk in the US media regarding the candidature of Joseph Lieberman, the Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate. They make it sound as if its a big deal to have a non-Christian at this high post. They also talk about Lieberman being the only non-Protestant senior-level candidate after Kennedy. They talk about whether Americans will accept a Jew as the VP. Such talk comes after 2 centuries of democracy!

In this light, it is interesting to look at India. Just like USA, it is a secular democracy with no State religion. Independent and democratic for about 53 years. 3% Christians, 18% Muslims, rest Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists etc. Still, India has had 2 Muslim Presidents and numerous Muslim and Christian Ministers and Chief Ministers. Current President and Naval Chief are Christians. Heck, even the true original Roman Catholic Sonia Gandhi - a European born to boot - is the Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament!

This is not to say that India is better than USA, or that USA needs to learn from India. It is simply a presentation of reality. Those who claim that minorities are systematically discriminated against in India should take a look at this picture. Automatic vilification of Hindus for attacks against Christians is all the more deplorable because of the recent findings that the Church blasts were caused by a Pakistan-inspired Islamic cult.

Let us pick up good from everywhere while refraining from unjust, false accusations.

Mac Kher

[email protected]

Linda Remy Pushes For Independent Assembly Candidate

In the June 2 open primary, Marin and Sonoma voters chose from among a Libertarian, a Republican, a Republican in Democratic clothes (Joe Nation), and seven other Democratic candidates for the 6th Assembly District. Too many choices split the vote. Joe Nation became the Democratic nominee, receiving 20% of total votes and only 27% of Democratic votes. Among Democrats, the other high-vote candidates were Carol Hayashino, Frank Egger, and Barbara Heller.

To the chagrin of friends and allies who are registered in other parties across the political spectrum, I am a proud Democrat who almost always votes a straight Democratic ticket. But sometimes, when I absolutely cannot support a candidate, I look for someone who more closely represents my views. For the November ballot, I have decided to work hard to get registered nurse Anna Nevenic elected as an independent for the 6th Assembly District.

In a surprising strategic move last January, Anna Nevenic filed as an independent to preserve an option for voters. Had Carol Hayashino, Barbara Heller, or Frank Egger won the primary, Anna would have supported the winner. She waited for the outcome of the June primary before doing anything more.

To be on the ballot, an independent candidate has to get thousands of signatures from registered voters, a daunting task. After the election, Anna waited until Carol and Frank decided not to pursue write-in campaigns before starting signature gathering to qualify for the ballot. I was prepared to work hard for Carol or Frank, and I was among those disappointed by their decision.

Anna and her team got thousands of signatures from every community in the 6th Assembly District. The most common reason for signing her petition was that voters did not want Joe Nation to represent them. The Voter Registrar notified Anna on August 14 that 92% of her signatures were valid and that she will be on the November ballot. Any team that gets thousands of signatures by standing on the street for weeks in the heat and cold and wind and rain and fog has a viable candidate. Remember the 1996 campaign for the Marin Healthcare District? I know this up close and real personal.

Who is Anna Nevenic? She worked for 20 years as a nurse at UCSF and other hospitals. She has been involved in community organizations fighting homelessness, crime, mental illness, and other problems, and was a founder and Executive Director of a non-profit organization aimed at preventing illiteracy at an early age. In addition to her nursing degree, she has a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and did graduate work toward a Masters Degree in Political Science from San Francisco State University, and holds a Political Science teaching credential for State Community Colleges. A long-time Marin resident, her son attended Kentfield schools and now is a Stanford University senior.

Anna has been politically active for years. She interned with Senator Milton Marks and worked thousands of hours as a Democratic Party volunteer. In 1992, she ran a grass roots campaign as a Democratic candidate for US Congress, 6th California District. Anna worked hard, spent very little, and received close to 7,000 votes in a crowded field of nine candidates. In fact, she got more votes than Joe Nation and David Strand, who each spent a LOT of money and campaigned for over a year.

As a nurse, Anna's top legislative priority is to get universal healthcare so all California residents have access to this basic right. As an educator, Anna wants more affordable, adequately staffed, and appropriately credentialed preschool and daycare centers. She will improve education by reducing classroom size for all grades. She will crack down on the interrelated problems of drugs and crime by seeking more money for prevention, education, and drug rehabilitation, and less money for prison construction. Anna will work with like-minded legislators to develop campaign finance solutions that will pass Supreme Court tests without harming our First Amendment right to free speech. She supports strong environmental protection because she knows that a declining environment negatively impacts our health and the health of the planet. Anna believes in reproductive choice without qualification and strongly opposes discrimination in every form.

At a healthcare election forum I attended this spring, all Democratic candidates except Joe Nation favored universal healthcare. Joe told a Living Wage proponent that "People deserve what they earn." In his work on the Marin Water District Board, Joe's positions have put off many environmentalists, yet environmentalism has been seen as his "strong suit." We cannot hope to get universal healthcare, safe hospital staffing, better education for our children, campaign finance reform, environmental protection, or a living wage if we are represented by someone who received enormous contributions from insurance companies, HMOs, pharmaceutical companies, the hospital industry, builders, and big business.

Anna is once more running a real grass roots campaign, this time as an independent. She has a well thought-out strategy with a strong volunteer team. We are going to visit every voter household, attend every community event, and host local events. We will distribute thousands of flyers throughout the District. For example, Anna's volunteers distributed over 10,000 flyers since Labor Day at events throughout the 6th District. Anna will send few mailers and run minimal ads. Because of her concerns about campaign finance reform, she is limiting donor contributions. This is a lean campaign with a consistent vision.

To beat Joe Nation and his corporate money machine, Anna needs your help. Please join me in Anna's campaign to represent the 6th Assembly District of Marin and Sonoma. Call her today to volunteer to distribute flyers and make phone calls (1-800-274-3840). Write your own letter or use mine and send it to your friends. The campaign can send you electronic copies of its materials. (email: [email protected]).

If we each do these things, Anna Nevenic has a real chance to win. Then we can have someone in the California Assembly who truly represents positive change for all 6th Assembly District residents.

Linda Remy, MSW, PhD

Bush Could Bring Down His Party

Bush's blunders could hurt more than his own candidacy. He could bring down the entire Republican Party and cause the Republicans to lose the House and maybe the Senate. By avoid the commission debates, Bush was admitting he is the weaker candidate. Like his father, Bush is clueless and lacks "The Vision Thing", and that Issues do matter.

The Republican Party lacks identity. Gone are Newt Gingrich, the Impeachment Managers, and Ken Starr. Now we have "Compassionate Conservatives" supporting Medicare, Social Security, Prescription Drugs, and Education. Programs that Republicans used to call "Socialism". Are the Republicans admitting the Democrats were right all along, or are they just pretending until the election is over?

The Republicans have also lost the "moral" and "character" issues in that the Democrats are the "Church Boys" while Bush is more of a "Party On" guy. With Clinton and Gore sharing the credit with Republicans on NAFTA and Welfare Reform, the Republican Party seems leaderless, adrift and without a coherent message. With a moron at the top of the ticket, I think the Republicans are in serious trouble this election year.

Marc Perkel

Springfield Mo. 65802

Feds Want To Control Pain

The wildly misnamed and misguided "Pain Relief Promotion Act" is about to come to a vote in the U.S. Senate. It will have a chilling effect on physicians, nurses, hospice workers, pharmacists, and other healthcare practitioners who provide effective pain management to patients suffering from severe pain.

If you haven't yet contacted your Senators, or would just like to learn more, log onto If your organization has a website, please add a hyperlink to so visitors can learn more instantly. And pass this alert on!

Quick Summary

This misleadingly-titled bill would give federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents the unprecedented power to investigate and second-guess the medical judgment of a physician, nurse, or pharmacist who administers any controlled substance-like morphine-to relieve the pain of a seriously ill patient. If the DEA thinks the doctor, nurse or pharmacist s "intent" was not to control pain but to hasten death, they will be intensively investigated with the threat of a minimum 20 year sentence hanging in the balance.

The threat and legal cost, time, and notoriety of having federal law enforcement officers probe and possibly misconstrue their intent will understandably deter many doctors, nurses, and pharmacists from using these medications aggressively. Thousands of patients in pain will suffer as a result. While the bill's unstated aim is to stop physician-assisted suicide in Oregon (the only state where it is legal), this act will likely increase suicides, assisted and otherwise, by those who can no longer tolerate unrelieved pain.

Join Those Who are Already Fighting this Mislabeled Bill The American Cancer Society, American Academy of Family Physicians, American Nurses Association, American Pain Foundation, American Pharmaceutical (Pharmacists) Association, American Society of Pain Management Nurses, Oncology Nursing Society, Society of Health System Pharmacists, American Geriatrics Society, and nearly 40 other nursing, physician, hospice, and patient organizations oppose this mislabeled bill. Even though all of these groups either OPPOSE or take no position on physician-assisted suicide!

You Can Help. The bill has already passed the U.S. House and will be voted on in the U.S. Senate shortly. You can make a difference and learn more and send an email or printed letter to your Senators automatically by logging onto today.

John Giglio

StopPRPA Campaign Coordinator

c/o The American Pain Foundation

Baltimore, MD 21202

[email protected]

Be Proud Of High Deficit

Hurrah for the massive trade deficit. May it grow and grow. It is one of the best signs of a very healthy economy and to Bill Clinton, the Fed and to Congress go the credit. The American people are bulging with dollars and their appetite for consumer goods cannot be satisfied with products produced at home. The high cost of oil and the fact that we can afford to buy at such exorbitant prices is proof that America has the dough. Just think that whatever dollars are spent overseas sooner or later they will be filtering back home where they started. Just pray that the deficit continues to rise. The effect of the export of dollars is another form of foreign aid. So let's give three cheers and have a party. America is winning the economic battle. There is only one fly in the ointment and that is that Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the Gulf States know how vulnerable we are. Their oil exports are the sword of Domiciles hanging over our head. President and Vice President have demonstrated no leadership as far as establishing a sound energy policy. Just think they go around begging the same states they saved to pump a little more oil. (See Oliver Twist).

Dr. Norman E. Mann

San Diego, Ca.

Loose Cannons In The White House

I don't know who the media are polling when they say the Clinton-Gore administration is doing a good job, but I certainly hope they aren't allowed to play with sharp objects. China has over taken Japan as our biggest trade deficit partner, and now they want to use up our oil inventory the same way they used up our other military inventories.

It's getting to the point that all we have left to defend ourselves with is two loose cannons in the White House.

Rich & Peggy Martin

Grand Prairie, TX 75050


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