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October 2000

The Kinsey Report Still No Building Permits;
Three Strikes You're Out?

By Jim Scanlon

By the time the Coastal Post appears on the newsstands in October, Supervisor Steve Kinsey's second deadline will have expired for obtaining building permits for the two structures on his property which were illegally constructed. It remains to be seen if Kinsey will meet this deadline or if the County has a "three strikes" policy with regard to permit violators.

Few people seem to care that a County Supervisor, who is responsible for enforcing county codes, is a long time violator of those same codes and might have a conflict of interest. Everyone does seem to know that Kinsey was outed in March 2000, just before voters reelected him to office, as having constructed two buildings on his Forest Knolls property without permits and ---more importantly---that he constructed, and has used an uninspected, unpermitted, illegal septic septic system since the late 1980s.

Kinsey was officially notified of the violations March 14, 2000. Initially he told the Independent Journal that he had applied with the county to bring his property into compliance in November 1999, however no documents exist with the county to support this assertion. He acknowledged receipt of the March 14 notice and said he expected to begin work in April. He asked for an extension until June 30.

On July 6, 2000 Kinsey requested an extension until August 4 due to difficulties with site inspections and serious health problems which required hospitalization and recovery.

Kinsey's county "Complaint Record" form has a space to indicate a "first violation letter" (dated 3/14/2000 ) with a space for "extension" (dated 4/1/2000). The space for a "second violation letter" is blank and "extension" has a hand written date of 6/30/00 crossed out with another hand written entry dated 8/1/00.

On September 6, he paid additional penalty fees to Environmental Health Services in amount of $1995.00 in addition to $525 he previously paid.

On September 6, a letter, dated August 31, was received from Kinsey requesting a thirty day extension because of, " ... the extremely limited options available to me for design of a new septic system. All realistic ones require that I obtain an easement on adjacent properties in order to meet the required setback requirements..." He requested an extension to "...negotiate a successful easement or consider what other options I might pursue."

Kinsey states he will " back to you within thirty days apprise you of the status of my negotiations.

There is no space devoted to "third violation letter". Indeed it would appear from the form, that the second extension was really the third extent ion.

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