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Fri, June 4Belle Monroe & the Brewgrass Boys
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Sun, June 6Open Mic
Wed, June 9Karaoke
Fri, June 11Brazil Beat
Sat, June 12Shanti Town
Sun, June 13Open Mic
Wed, June 16Karaoke
Fri, June 18Rusty Evans
Sat, June 19Cole Tate
Sun, June 20Open Mic
Wed, June 23Karaoke
Thur, June 24Mikey Prasad
Fri, June 25Buddy Craig Band
Sat, June 26Jenny Kerr
Sun, June 27Open Mike
Wed, June 30Midnight On The Water

Fri, July 2Leon Vest
Sat, July 3Houston Jones
Sun, July 4Open Mic
June, 2004 - Volume 29, Number 06

(415)868-1600 - (415)868-0502(fax) - P.O. Box 31, Bolinas, CA, 94924

At The End Of Her Rope A Mother's Family Court Ordeal From Family Court To Jail By Jim Scanlon
  August of 2000 a 41 year old Marin County mother closed her small hair salon, secretly sold her condominium and fled Marin with her daughter.
The War Is Lost By William Rivers Pitt
Monday 10 May 2004, We have traveled a long, dark, strange road since the attacks of September 11. We have all suffered, we have all known fear and anger, and sometimes hatred.
Grave Human Rights Problems Continuing In Haiti
A Delegation from the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) visited Haiti from April 12-19, and documented serious continuing violations of human rights, including killings, disappearances, burning of homes and intimidation, often directed at supporters of Haiti's elected government.
Push To Ban Genetically Engineering In Marin By Karen Nakamura
An important movement is afoot in Marin County and it's one all Marinites need to heed. Until June 15, petitioners will be on the streets and in front of supermarkets asking for signatures to place a measure on the November 2004 ballot.
White House Misled America About War Costs
In a transparent effort to mask the true costs of war and reduce the size of the mounting budget deficit the White House left funding for Iraq and Afghanistan out of the 2005 budget it submitted on February 2.
A Sound Bite Of Pro-Bush Propaganda By Stephen Simac
Because the Coastal Post was asked nicely to write something positive about George Bush (see May letters to editor), and because we believe the impossible is usually merely very difficult, we have considered the contributions of our man in the White House.
A Red Hill Park: A Vision Or Nightmare By Carol Sterritt
Over the past fifteen years, there has been ongoing discussion in San Anselmo about one of its community's parklands. The park site in question is a hillside meadow located above the Red Hill Shopping Center Jack In The Box.
A True "California Distinguished School" By Karen Nakamura
The recent violence in San Francisco's Western Addition has been a real blow to those residents who have worked so hard to overcome it. At the front line in this fight are the local schools.
10,000th Salmon Saved From Drying Creeks
Forest Knolls, CA-The month of May saw the Salmon Protection and Watershed Network (SPAWN) and its volunteers rescue their 10,000th endangered salmon from drying creeks and release it into a safe flowing stretch downstream.
Police Bust Bolinas Saloon; Beautiful Blonde Gets a Citation; Dog Evades Arrest By Jim Scanlon
When four burly Sheriff's Deputies stomped into Smiley's Saloon in Bolinas last Saturday evening at about 8:30, "We were having a merry old time and then it was like the marines coming into a mud hut in Falluja"
Jim Scanlon, Citizen Ozone Scientist By Forrest M. Mims III
Jim Scanlon, who has made many trips to the tip of South America to study the ozone hole, is shown here at Barrow, Alaska.
Bush Wants Corporate Takeover Of Organics
Over the past few weeks America's organic standards have once again come under heavy attack.
1st Annual FairFax EcoFest -- Saturday and Sunday, June 5th and 6th
The 1st Annual Fairfax EcoFest is a celebration of sustainable lifestyles and technologies hosted by the 27th annual Fairfax Festival Saturday and Sunday, June 5th and 6th at the Fairfax Pavilion.
Bush Ignores Sick 9/11 Firefighters And Cops
Over the last month, President Bush has repeatedly recounted how he was inspired by "the courage of the firefighters and the police" in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks.
Hard Lessons From Poetry Class: Speech Is Free Unless It's Critical By Bill Hill
Bill Nevins, a New Mexico high school teacher and personal friend, was fired last year and classes in poetry and the poetry club at Rio Rancho High School were permanently terminated.
$1.2 Million Raised To Support Detoxification Project For 9/11 Firefighters
Marking a turning point in the public health response to the WTC disaster, a partnership of celebrities, rescue workers, public health advocates and philanthropists raised $1.2 million this week to expand availability of a unique treatment regimen that has brought relief to more than 200 rescue workers suffering debilitating effects from toxic exposure during the September 11 rescue and recovery effort.
Evolution and Darwinism By S.N. Salthe
Evolution is a hot concept these days. One might hear the word almost anywhere. We live in a history conscious time, and evolution in a general sense is just the logging into a system of historical changes.
Don't Eat Too Many Fish From Tomales Bay
SACRAMENTO -- The California Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) is seeking public comment on a draft fish advisory concerning elevated levels of mercury in fish in Tomales Bay in Marin County.
Inverness Garden Club Awards Scholarships
The Inverness Garden Scholarship Fund has recently awarded a total of $60,000 in scholarships to thirty deserving West Marin students for the 2004-2005 academic year.
Court Stops Pesticide Spraying Along Salmon Streams

The Problem Is War, Not Warriors By Frank Scott
Photos showing an affirmative action group of Americans treating their Iraqi captives as inhuman sex toys have shocked some, leading to angry charges and counter charges.
Israel, Our Dangerous Parasite By Edward W. Miller
The massive invasion of Washington's political arena by supporters of Israel: outright Zionists Jews as well as our Christian Right, that has produced the very situation which our first president, George Washington, felt so strongly about preventing that he dedicated much of his farewell address to the issue
MOO TOWN NEWS By Judy Borello The Treasure of West Marin
By a treasure, I don't mean one of gold, emeralds, or rubies. I'm referring to one of much more value.
Skeptic's Journal Thoughts While Cutting The Grass.... By Jeanette Pontacq
Am I the only one who wonders what on earth the Tomales Bay Watershed Council is doing for all the public money it spends?
Liberated To Death By David Swanson
How, reporters and pundits have asked, could good American heroes behave so badly as to become torturers?
About That Invitation to Join the Bush-Cheney '04 Team... By Norman Solomon
To: Marc Racicot, Chairman, Bush-Cheney '04
Thanks for including me on your mailing list. I'm very interested in mass communications, and I realize that millions of people have also received the same piece of direct mail this spring.
Reparations for Slavery By Frank Scott
Fifty years after the historic Brown v Board decision, it's about time we really confront the crippling issue of slavery's impact on America.
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