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MAY 2002

Landmark Health Spot Moving From Downtown Mill Valley

By Jim Scanlon

The Center for Massage Therapy will be closing its Mill Valley doors on April 30th and moving from, downtown Mill Valley where it has been located for 25 years. "It's just time to go," said Mark Stutzman the manager of the Center who took over from his father Don, a Physical Therapist. Mark was twelve years old in 1976.

Increased rent in downtown Mill Valley has concerned many and has led to the relocation and or closing of several business over the past few years, but Stutzman denied that was the main reason for the move. "It is always something you have to think about, but it is just one of a number of things you have to consider" He said.

The Center hopes to open new facilities in a larger roomier facility at 10 Thomas just off the frontage road on the east side of the freeway, with much more room, a large deck and a spacious lawn and garden. The area is zoned commercial and parking should not be too much of a problem

Stutzman said the new space has great possibilities for everything the center has offered and maybe new things like health and nutrition classes and maybe yoga. But, for the time being Stutzman said he and his staff had to focus on the move and opening. "When we are set up and running, we can have a party, chat about the last 25 years and figure out what to do differently".

Before the Center opened the space was occupied by a furniture store and the downstairs space was Moody Blues, an upscale clothing store. Adjacent, at street level was the Mill Valley Pharmacy, and on one corner across the street was the Greyhound Bus Depot and on the other the Mill Valley Tavern.

In 1976 the Center almost had to close down because of the drought and a drastically reduced water supply. Showers were limited to getting wet, turning the water off and then a brief rinse.

To get to the Center at 10 Thomas, go east on Blithdale over the freeway towards Tiburon and turn on to the frontage road at the first red light. Continue about a quarter mile and take the second right, a few hundred feet and enter through the gate with the two lions. -



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